COVID-19 Settlement Procedures

Treasure Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is committed to following the Center of Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations to aid in the prevention of the spread of the Corona Virus, also referenced as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2and we are asking our clients, agents, lenders, guests to do the same.

Given this, as an effort to manage and prepare for, all closings and/or visitations are by appointment only.

Prior to Settlement:
We ask that you please contact us prior to your scheduled settlement date should any of the statements below are true, so that available options can be discussed or your settlement date reschedule:

  • Traveled within the last 2 weeks
  • Have Cold or Flu-like symptoms
  • Have been exposed to someone showing cold or flu-like symptoms

We do our best, to provide clients an opportunity to review documents prior to their settlement date for an opportunity to review and ask questions to promote a smooth and expeditious signing.

All funds for settlements, must be wired in advance. Cash, checks and/or credit cards will not be accepted.

Settlements Signings:

  • On the day or settlement, we ask that only signatories are present.
  • Realtors, lenders, and any other non-signatories or children, will not be allowed in the closing room. With that said, we do understand your desire to be there for your client and as such, we can setup a conference call or provide the client with a secure WIFI connection to utilize FaceTime or other social meeting options.
  • Each signatory will be provided a new blue pen to use for signing.
  • While Treasure Title’s meeting room is equipped with a plexiglass partition and hand sanitizer, for added protection our staff will also wear a mask or face shield during.

Settlement Locations:

  • Our employees will only conduct closings in our offices where we can control sanitation.
  • For sellers, a curbside signing is also available.
  • If you prefer to close at another location, please contact us regarding mobile notary services.

As digitally dependent society, we are at greater risk for becoming victims for wire fraud.

To protect yourself, we recommend the following steps are taken when sending a wire transfer:

  1. Obtain the contact name, phone number and email of your Realtor, Lender and Title Agent
  2. Call Treasure Title BEFORE you initiate any transfer to confirm the wiring instructions

While Treasure Title Insurance Agency, Inc. takes great lengths to ensure that your personal information is secured implementing the American Land and Title Association best practices on every transaction, its affiliates and underwriters will not be held liable should you become a victim of fraud.