Single-Family Building Permits Climb Higher in June; Starts & Completions Lower
The M Report | July 17, 2015

The U.S. Census Bureau and HUD jointly announced in a press release new residential construction data for June 2015, finding that single-family building permits rose slightly, while housing starts and housing completions both declined.

We are watching the market closing, expecting the interest rate to rise somewhere around September, October, 2015 and seeing that Construction is slowing, make us aware of the Change that is coming!

Hold on to your hats…….we will keep you posted.  Today real estate is great, so keep buying, selling and refinancing!  Ride the wave as I have told many of you.  We will be with you all the way…….

Give us a call at Treasure Title if we can help.  Look forward to seeing you soon.  JoAnne