Buying real estate?

Treasure Title Insurance Agency, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive title search to give you peace of mind that your ownership is free and clear of any issues and cover your investment with a title insurance policy.

Unlike other insurance policies the cost is minimal, is only paid once and never expires. The protection lasts as long as you or your heirs maintain an interest in the property.

Selling your house?

Treasure Title will work with you to coordinate any satisfactions of liens, prepare all the necessary closing documentation to make the experience for you and the buyer as smooth as possible.

We promise competitive rates, great communication and amazing service.


We understand your needs and are here to ensure a smooth successful closing. Here are just some of the benefits of working with Treasure Title:

  • Single point of contact
  • Full service on every transaction
  • Timely and accurate title commitments
  • Superior communication
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Contract Upload capability or drop off
  • OnDemand Calculator, accessible online or via our mobile app

To assist you secure that contract faster, click on the CALC APP or NET SHEET button and create an instant estimate to share with your clients directly.

OR If you prefer to have an ESTIMATE prepared, click CONTACT and provide the following details:

  • TBD


Treasure Title is proud to say that we have the necessary experience to meet or exceed the compliance guidelines that are required by lenders.

We are fully TRID compliant and protect a lender’s interest against any title defects by carefully reviewing your instructions and ensuring that all documents are executed in a timely fashion.

Our underwriters are:

  • Westcor
  • Fidelity National Title


  • American Land and Title Association (ALTA)
  • Florida Land and Title Association (FLTA)

To submit a title request, simply click ORDER TITLE provide the requested details and submit. We will response within X-X business days of receiving and provide an update on our progress.


If your church is selling or buying real estate, or you are refinancing your Church real estate, our office can help you get the “records” straight!

We believe the success of the closing is dependent upon being prepared in advance. Working together, through an exchange of information, we can make sure that all of the proper forms and documents are obtain or executed to enable a smooth transfer to the new buyer. This is especially important as some Churches do not have the local power to sell or mortgage any of its real property without the written permission of the “district or mother” church before going into a sale or financing.

Below are just a few of requirements that would need to be address when insuring title on an incorporated Church sale or transfer:

  • Certificate of Incorporation or Proof of Incorporation
  • Confirmation that the Corporation is active and current.
  • Obtaining Articles of Incorporation.
  • By Laws, Rules and Regulations of entity whether a corporation or Operated by the Trustees.
  • A Corporate Resolution authorizing the sale or purchase, as well as transaction financing

Please note that Treasure Title Insurance Agency, Inc. and the Underwriter will reserve the right to make further requirements after review of the all the documents required above.

If your Church is not yet Incorporated, please contact our office for further assistance. The requirements are quite different and having a conversation regarding this will help us to help you gather the proper documents for review.


Thank you to the Veterans that serve our country!

We are so appreciative of your commitment, and we’re committed to you to handle your Special Housing Grant VA Funding from escrow to construction. Escrow varies based on a number of variables, but on average the cost is $500. In addition, the VA may require other services which are not included in the escrow, services such as; an Owner’s and Encumbrance Search, a Date Down Search or preparation of Owner’s Title Insurance Policy.

Whether requested or not, we will recommend that if you do not have an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy, that you acquire to ensure there are no hidden problems from the past that would affect you and/or your family or heirs in the future. It’s a one-time cost, that protects you and your heirs for the entire time

We will be happy to quote you the cost of the Owner’s Title Policy.
If you would like to discuss the process of your grant with us, please feel free to call our office at 407-654-8811 and one of our staff will be happy to help you.