How Does a Church Property Transfer Title

If you are not in the real estate world or the title insurance world, you may not know that the title to real estate for most Churches is held by the Church as an incorporated entity. Some Churches do not have the local power to sell or mortgage any of its real property without the written permission of the “district or mother” church before going into a sale or financing.

We believe the success of the closing is dependent upon you being prepared in advance and we hope that working together obtaining and providing you information upfront, we can answer any questions you may have. We believe that having the proper forms before we reach the closing table, enables us to have a smooth transfer to the new buyer.

Below is a list of the normal requirements for insuring title on Church’s, if you are Incorporated.

  • Certificate of Incorporation or Proof of Incorporation and confirming Corporation is active and current.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • By Laws , Rules and Regulations of entity whether a corporation or Operated by the Trustees.
  • Corporate Resolution authorizing the sale and/or purchase and/or financing Of the transaction.

Please note that Treasure Title Insurance Agency, Inc. and the Underwriter will reserve the right to make further requirements after review of the all the documents required above.

If your Church is not yet Incorporated, please contact our office for further assistance. The requirements are quite different and having a conversation regarding this will help us to help you gather the proper documents for review.

We have over 30 years of experience insuring the sale and financing of Church real property, with JoAnne Quarles being the lead person. Our staff is happy to help you accomplish your transaction! If your church is selling or buying real estate, or you are refinancing your Church real estate, our office can help you get the “records” straight!